Follow-up the outcomes of your medical treatments

Track your treatment over time and get to know how your condition is progressing. Share your outcomes with your doctors.

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Manage your disease and treatment better

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For clinicians

Get real time information about the status of your patient

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Monitor important data on patient outcomes

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The data you share will always be confidential and anonymous

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Clinical condition follow-up

Anticipate how you will feel before starting your treatment; track your progress during treatment and compare to other people; and share your own information anonymously and help treating other patients better.

For this, we use scientifically validated medical questionnaires called patient-reported outcomes measurements (PROMs)

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Care plans

Access the recommendations prescribed by your doctors and manage your clinical condition better.

Care plans are based on your progress using our intelligent algorithms under your doctor’s guidance, making it easier for him to deliver important information throughout your recovery.

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We help you get information about your clinical condition, your symptoms, your treatment, your recovery and healthy living strategies. All the content is trusted since it is validated by your doctors and delivered by us.

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Scientific outcomes measurement to transform healthcare

Physiological and biochemical data cannot give all the information about the disease progression or treatment effectiveness. Some data can only be obtained from the patient perspective.
Also, for most diseases, survival is no longer the ultimate goal. Several domains of quality of life, from the patient perspective, play nowadays an increasingly important role for delivering care. By using Promptly, you will be able to follow-up on your patients’ quality of life and improve your clinical practice by using data reported directly by your patients.

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