Get real time information about the status of your patient

Using Promptly with my patients

You can suggest Promptly to your patients and encourage them to report their treatment outcomes. After they link their account to yours, you will be able to follow-up their care.

You can also use their anonymized data for your own clinical research.


The evidence for tracking patient-reported outcomes

There is already strong evidence of better patient-provider communication, increased patient satisfaction, improved monitoring of treatment response and detection of problems in antecipation.

Evidence on the impact on outcomes is still growing; a recent RCT published on JAMA showed an association between the integration of PROs into the routine care of patients and increased survival of cancer patients.

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Measuring Patient-reported outcomes

From time to time, we will remind patients to answer their condition-specific Patient-reported outcome measurements, PROMs. This data will be made available only to you to help you understand how your patients are evolving.

Care Plans for patients

We also want you to help you optimize your patients’ follow-up. You may include your own default care plans for each disease, and these will be made available for your patients. These may range from the “get ready for your surgery” information you want them to receive, to the exercise and nutrition plan for help them cope with their diabetes.

Easily export validated and organized data for clinical research

This data may be used and extracted by you with patient consent. The raw (patient anonymized) data is only one click away, for you to use in conferences and papers.

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