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Our company

Promptly is a community of patients who actively share their clinical outcomes about their diseases and treatments.

Launched in 2018, Promptly is defined by this anxiety of fundamentally changing how health is perceived by patients and how healthcare is structured and delivered by providers.

We are patients, doctors, nurses, eHealth experts, and everyone who wants to join our mission of revolutionizing healthcare by making health outcomes available to everyone.


Our office

Porto, Portugal

Rua do Poente, 166, Apartado 282,
4786-909 Trofa

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Lisbon, Portugal

Rua João Chagas, 53
1495-092 Algés

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Hamburgo, Germany

Winsbergring 3 b
22525 Hamburg

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Essen, Germany

Ruhrallee 185,
45136 Essen

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Île de France, France

4, Av. du Gué Langlois
77600 Bussy-Saint-Martin

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Lyon, France

41 Avenue Urbain Le Verrier
69800 Saint Priest

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Our team

Alexandar Anguelov Photo

Alexandar Anguelov

Barbara Ferreira photo

Barbara Ferreira

Diogo Neto photo

Diogo Neto

Diogo Sousa photo

Diogo Sousa

Eusébio Silva photo

Eusébio Silva

Felipe Felix photo

Felipe Felix

Ivan Pereira photo

Ivan Pereira

João Fidalgo photo

João Fidalgo

José Pinto photo

José Pinto

Luís Magalhães photo

Luís Magalhães

Madalena Plácido photo

Madalena Plácido

Marco Jacinto photo

Marco Jacinto

Maria Sousa photo

Maria Sousa

Nuno Salgado photo

Nuno Salgado

Olívia Oliveira photo

Olívia Oliveira

Pedro Ramos photo

Pedro Ramos

Rui Alheiro photo

Rui Alheiro

Tiago Alves photo

Tiago Alves

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